Essential Me-Time


As moms, we often find ourselves navigating a challenging journey filled with love, joy, and responsibilities. I want to begin by sharing a bit of my own story, which I believe many of you can relate to.

Recently, I've been on a quest to find balance between my demanding work schedule, family responsibilities, and, most importantly, my own health. Like many of you, I've encountered obstacles that make finding "me-time" feel like a distant dream. But it's crucial, and in this blog post, we'll dive deep into why it's not just important but necessary for moms to make time for themselves.

Defining Me-Time and Its Significance

First things first, let's define what me-time is. Me-time is that precious, intentional period where you put yourself first. It's an opportunity to focus on your needs, desires, and overall well-being. Why is it crucial? Because it has a profound impact on our physical and mental health, our relationships, and our overall happiness.

Imagine me-time as a pause...

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Time is Flying By

This past Friday night, we celebrated our youngest daughter’s birthday. She turned seven years old.
Seven years old. I still can’t believe it.
I don’t think I ever cried when any of my kids had a birthday, but I did for Giana’s.
The night before, I was bagging up her store-bought cookies (COVID restricted us baking cupcakes) and it hit me like a ton of bricks. So much so, I had to brace myself on the counter.
That night would be the last time we had a six year old. Tears are coming to my eyes now just writing this.
Our little girl is growing up even though I tried telling her that she wasn’t allowed to grow up! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.
Time marches on and each moment is fleeting.
Which is part of the reason why us moms feel so very guilty when it comes to spending time on ourselves.
We can’t replace time. It’s our most precious resource, that's for sure. When...
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Favorite Time-Saving Hacks Revealed

Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing to have 25 hours in our day? What would you do with that extra hour? Sleep? Clean your house? Play with your kids? Learn a new language? Read a book? Oh my, the possibilities are endless!
Only in a dream-world, right? It seems that there’s never enough hours in a day to get everything done that we want to get done.
Truth is, we will never find extra time in our day. It’s just how the whole world spins. 24 hours is 24 hours. There’s no time to be found anywhere.
But what if I tell you, you can make time?
Yep--you’d think I was crazy, right? But this is exactly what I’ve been doing and really, it’s what you’ve been doing too. Your whole life.
You decide how you want to use your time and you make it what it is. You want to sleep longer, you set your alarm later and you make time for sleep.
You want to mop the kitchen floor? You make time...
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Can't find time in your busy life for self-care?


Lots has been happening behind the scenes here. School started last week. For those of you new to my blog, let me catch you up on my family.

Our oldest is out of the house, second daughter is 16 but completed a program that allowed her to graduate. She’s enrolled in college classes. Twins are 14 (as of this past Friday), our 10 year old, and our youngest, who’s 6.
The youngest four are doing school remotely this year, in a new district since we are in transition of moving to a town 100 miles away.
Anyways, school started this past week. We are one week into it and I haven’t killed anyone yet!
Came close, but I came to my senses before any major damage was done.
Seriously, talk about stress! On top of that, I am helping my father-in-law develop and run an on-line course for his business (the one my husband works in too) and of course I’m continuing to see clients and grow my business.
Cra-cra! But through it all, I am fighting to...
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