MWC 5: Balancing Life as a Mom

Is having balance as a mom even a thing or is it some elusive concept that is totally unattainable? In this episode, we're talking about how to recognize if you’re off balance and what to do to restore the balance. Join therapist, coach, and mom Onnie Michalsky as she shares three ways to once again feel content with how you’re spending your time and energy.

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Thank you so much for tuning in and listening today. I'd love to hear what you thought of this episode and what ideas you may have for future episodes of the Moms Without Capes podcast! Email me at [email protected]

DISCLAIMER: Just because I’m a therapist, I’m not your therapist nor am I doing therapy in this podcast episode. Just saying. So enjoy Moms Without Capes for what it is- educational, entertaining, and a way to get my message out into the world!


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