Moms Without Capes

Self-Care Challenge

Kickstart your self-care, fill your cup, and start showing up recharged, refreshed, and renewed in and out of your Super-Mom cape!

February 7-11, 2022


Get yourself on your to-do list and reap all the benefits of practicing regular self-care!

It's totally possible to engage in daily self-care even with everything else you've got going on

What You will Get Out of the Self-Care Challenge:


If you think self-care is all about massages and bubble baths, think again. You will learn how to recharge by partaking in activities that feel good to you and not be trapped by someone else's definition of self-care.


Throughout the challenge you will be engaging in regular acts of self-care and as a natural result, you'll experience a sense of renewal and refreshment. Your family will benefit too, from having a mom who's operating with a full cup!


While there's nothing wrong with some friendly competition, the moms in this challenge believe that all ships rise at high tide and are ready to support you as you move through the daily missions.


This challenge helps you through the roadblocks that are keeping you from engaging in self-care- time, money, and energy. Once you discover that it is indeed possible for you to do something for yourself that brings you joy and rest, you'll be motivated to keep going.

Improved Mental Health

Sure, we'll be focusing on several areas of well-being, but the number one benefit you will experience from participating in this challenge is improved mental health. You will recognize that psychological and emotional well-being is a natural consequence of putting yourself on your to-do list.


How the Self-Care Challenge Works

You'll get one email per day each covering one of the five pillars of self-care. You'll decide on your practice of the day and get tips on making implementation part of your routine.

Each email will explain the day's mission and guide you in filling your cup so that you have more to give to your family. Completing the daily challenge will take about 15-30 minutes.

Each morning, Onnie will be going live in the Facebook group (Moms Without Capes) to further explain the mission and answer any questions you may have. If you can't make the live broadcast, you can always catch the replay.

Throughout the week, there will be prizes and giveaways for those who are registered and active in the challenge. Be sure to post a picture of your completed mission under each day's post to get entered for the prizes.


Here's what moms are saying about the

Moms Without Capes Self-Care Challenge...

"During the challenge, my mind set changed. I always thought that self-care meant spending money, getting hair/nails done, etc. But it was so much more deeper than that. I loved each step of learning and having a challenge to practice it. I also got to mold it to fit my self-care."


"I really liked it. The event was definitely helpful and motivating and it served as a reminder to be proactive and seek out the next thing I needed or wanted to do. I will be participating again! Just a fun way to self motivate and build good habits."


"After I started setting aside time for myself each day, I felt refreshed and my mental health has improved tremendously. I have a clearer mind and I'm able to find balance. It's ok now if I don't complete my to do list where before that caused major anxiety. I forgot who I was outside of being a mom, wife, and nurse and self-care helped me find myself."


Questions you may have about the challenge...

Moms Without Capes

Self-Care Challenge

Kickstart your self-care, fill your cup, and start showing up recharged, refreshed, and renewed in and out of your Super-Mom cape!

Runs February 7-11 inside the Moms Without Capes Facebook Group