You know that endless checklist that is forever present in your mind?

Together, let's work on making it visible and sharing the load with your partner!


Tailor-made support for implementing The Fair Play Method


Help customizing your card deck and setting up family expectations aroundĀ tasks


Understanding resistance and common misconceptions & mistakes


Tired, stressed, and in need of more help from your partner or in your home? Imagine running your household (and life!) in a new way that improved your mental and overall health and wellbeing. Introducing the Fair Play Method!

The mental load can be heavy and it can be difficult to communicate with your partner about all the tasks that it takes to run a household and raise children. The Fair Play Method allows you to bring more equity to your home which gives you back your time to discover who you are beyond parent, partner, and professional.

Complete the application belowĀ to learn how I can help you implement this awesome system and start lightening the mental and physical loads that come with running a household and raising children!