Carve out time and space for YOU in the

Ā Moms Without CapesĀ®

Claim Your Me-TimeĀ Challenge

November 13-17, 2023


It's totally possible to make time for yourself...


Connect with and receive support from other moms throughout the challenge


Opportunity to win fun prizes in daily drawings just for participating


Discover what lights you up and how to get back to feeling like yourself


Here's what moms are saying about our past challenges...


"I really needed the reminder to practice self-care. I hope I can continue to give myself care long after the challenge because it feels great, even when I struggle to follow through or come up with ideas. Just being pushed to do so makes a big difference in my day."


"During the challenge, my mind set changed. I always thought that self-care meant spending money, getting hair/nails done, etc. But it was so much more deeper than that. I loved each step of learning and having a challenge to practice it. I also got to mold it to fit my self-care."


"I really liked it. The event was definitely helpful and motivating and it served as a reminder to be proactive and seek out the next thing I needed or wanted to do. I will be participating again! Just a fun way to self motivate and build good habits."


"Participating in this challenge was just what I needed at the exact time I needed. I was reminded how to be intentional and really give myself the care I needed to just take a break from my busy world and be in the moment." 


"After I started setting aside time for myself each day, I felt refreshed and my mental health has improved tremendously. I have a clearer mind and I'm able to find balance. It's ok now if I don't complete my to do list where before that caused major anxiety. I forgot who I was outside of being a mom, wife, and nurse and self-care helped me find myself."


"Your tips are really easy to follow and try out. I've neglected myself since my kids were born but this past year I feel like I have made some progress, I have a daughter and I want to be a good role model for her. I definitely feel like the is a lot more I can learn from you."


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A Personal Invite...

Hey Super-Mom,

If you're a mom who has been neglecting her own needs in favor of taking care of others, the Claim Your Me-Time Challenge is just the thing for you!

Before you became a mom, you likely had interests, passions, and hobbies that you pursued without a second thought.

Time for self-care and creativity was essential to your sense of self, physical and mental health, and overall happiness - but now it's all too easy for it to get lost in the shuffle.

I'm inviting you to sign up for the Moms Without Capes Claim Your Me-Time Challenge and learn how to make time for yourself!

Making time to engage in activities that interest you will help you feel alive and fulfilled, and remind you that you're more than a mom.

So don't let guilt, exhaustion, or overwhelm keep you from taking time to yourself - sign up today and make it happen!



Moms Without Capes®

Claim Your Me-Time Challenge

Rediscover yourself and what makes you happy by prioritizing your me-time and say good-bye to feeling lost under your mom-hat!