Make Self-Care Happen

Give the Members of Your Organization the Gift of Self-Care


Takeaway #1

Bust through the myths of self-care and discover the benefits of making space and taking time for yourself

Takeaway #2

Walk through the five pillars of self-care and learn specific ways to integrate self-care into the rhythms of your day

Takeaway #3

Create a personalized plan for self-care so that you can support your wellbeing and feel restored

Here's What You Get 


60 Minute Presentation

Participants will explore the benefits of self-care, its main pillars, and how to create a personalized self-care plan.


Interactive Breakout Session

One breakout session for participants to apply the presentation's concepts and create a solid self-care plan.


 Live Q&A Session

A short Q&A session after the presentation to help participants overcome potential roadblocks to self-care.


Make Self-Care Happen Workbook

Participants will receive a printable workbook to help with implementation of the concepts covered in the presentation.



Here's what folks are saying....

Rev. Jim DeGrassa
Pastor of Resurrection of Our Lord Church


Drained, exhausted and overextended… these are just a few words that I constantly hear from my congregation at Church. I wanted to offer my church members an opportunity to learn how to take better care of themselves. Onnie was the answer to our prayers! She was a pleasure to work with and put together a three week series to address the importance of self care. I’ve received nothing but rave reviews from my members who participated in her program. She was down to earth, practical, insightful and non-judgmental. She met my congregation right where they were, took them by the hand and brought them to a better place. Not only would I recommend her series to any organization but I look forward to working with her again in the near future.


Sarah John
Program Participant


I found this series on the five pillars of self care very meaningful. Especially being that it's during a pandemic and there's a loss of hope, frustration, and sometimes a sense of meaninglessness, it was an appropriate time to arrange this event. It is obviously her passion to give purpose and meaning to so many lives through the suggested activities she shared during the presentation. The way she presented was awesome! I feel it was very beneficial to keep in mind the five pillars of self-care. I like what Onnie said ... "we cannot take care of others unless first we take care of ourselves." Thanks Onnie



There's no doubt that you take pride in your company or organization and those who make it what it is. Why not give the members of your community what they need to fill up their proverbial cup so that they can make your organization even better? 

I developed this webinar series to show the people who are pivotal to your organization's success how they can easily implement self-care into their routine by focusing on five main areas. It's not about bubble baths and massages, but rather it's about taking care of oneself through small, consistent practices.

Imagine if the members of your group showed up each day recharged and ready to give all they had because they had a cup that overflowed!

This is the power of self-care.  



Invest in your organization by investing in your members, for just


Ready to Make Self-Care Happen?

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