Your true superpowers shine when you stop trying to be a supermom!



As a fellow overly ambitious, driven, Type A mother, I understand the stress that comes with trying to be a super-mom. It's absolutely exhausting and can be completely devastating to your relationships, your health, and your sanity.

You strive to be an amazing mom, but that often means you are sacrificing yourself so much that you turn around one day and barely recognize the woman you see in the mirror. It's been so long since you've done anything for yourself that you've forgotten what it is you even enjoy.

Moms Without Capes is about helping you get back in touch with who you are beyond your role as a mom so that you can feel fulfilled and balanced, and be more present for yourself and your family.


Self-Care 101

Discover the keys to self-care so you can feel recharged and refreshed and ready for all that life throws at you!


Sleep Matters

Designed for moms who struggle to get a good night's sleep. Learn specific behavioral and cognitive strategies to improve your slumber.


You're invited...

Private (& free) Facebook Group for moms who are exhausted and overwhelmed from trying to be-it-all and do-it-all.

Learn how to hang up your Super-Woman cape so that you can nurture yourself and show up even better in all the hats you wear these days!


Certified Fair Play Method Facilitator

Tired, stressed, and in need of more help from your partner or in your home? Imagine running your household (and life!) in a new way that improved your mental and overall health and wellbeing. Introducing the Fair Play Method!

The mental load can be heavy and it can be difficult to communicate with your partner about all the tasks that it takes to run a household and raise children. The Fair Play Method allows you to bring more equity to your home which gives you back your time to discover who you are beyond parent, partner, and professional.

Book a call today to learn how I can help you implement this awesome system and start lightening the mental and physical loads that come with running a household and raising children!


What Moms Are Saying...

Moms Without Capes has been a real blessing in disguise! Taking a step back and putting myself and self-care as a priority has been a challenge but with the tools I learned in Onnie's program, I have finally been able to breathe. The accountability and support is amazing!

~Jessica L.

Onnie is so amazing! She has so many great tips and ideas for moms like me! Her workshops, lives, and general group dynamics are so inviting and accepting to all moms.

​~Michelle K.

Moms are always juggling so many things that we often forget to take care of ourselves. Working one-on-one with Onnie has really given me the strength to have better boundaries, express myself clearer, and has given me tools to have a better functioning household.

~Holly H.

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Practical Strategies for Reclaiming your Sense of Identity Within Motherhood



Let's do this, Supermom!

Are you tirelessly juggling multiple roles, ensuring everyone's needs are met while neglecting your own? The exhaustion is real, and I understand firsthand. As a mother of six incredible kiddos, I spent years putting myself last, mistakenly believing that taking care of everyone else was enough. But it wasn't.

My relationships were slowly falling apart and the more I tried to control and manage them, the more they crumbled. It was my self-appointed job to keep everyone happy, which I did by shelving my own needs, but the unrealistic pursuit just made me feel unappreciated, resentful, and downright miserable.

I knew that there had to be a better way and it turned out that I had the power inside me- by changing my relationship with myself, I totally transformed my relationships with all those I loved!

Now, it's my mission to empower fellow moms to prioritize self-care and self-expression, allowing them to rediscover and embrace the amazing women they are and in doing so, gain the confidence to change how they show up in their relationships.

You deserve to show yourself the same love and compassion you effortlessly give to others. It's time to elevate your journey and unlock both your true potential and the true potential of your relationships.

With my guidance and support, you can finally have the relationships you've always wanted.

Together, we'll explore your needs and you'll learn how to show up in your relationships in a way that allows you to feel appreciated, loved, and valued, paving the way for stronger, more fulfilling connections with your partner, your children, and yourself.