Confessions of a Super-Mom: The Results are In!

The results are in and it is just as I suspected- I'm a mess. I'm no doctor but I could just feel that I was all over the place, which is why I wanted to go to the naturopathic doc in the first place.

My follow up appointment is not for another three weeks, but fortunately, my sister-in-law is a nurse practitioner and can read lab results so last night I showed her what I've got and she analyzed the numbers.

First of all, my heart looks good, or all the numbers that would point to my heart being good- were well in the normal range.

TSH which is what they use to measure my thyroid function is high, which is somewhat surprising since I am pretty religious about taking my medication each day.

That probably has to get retested and my meds adjusted.

Uric acid and potassium are high too, which when I took it into my own hands and looked on Google, this meant that I was having kidney failure!

But, according to my SIL, I am not dying. I do need to make adjustments though and eat more low-purine food, which I'll talk more about in a minute.

What I am most concerned about, and I'm looking forward to hearing what my doc thinks as well, are the levels of Hemoglobin A1c and Glucose, which are both off the charts.

Simply put, I have way too much sugar in my blood and my body doesn't seem to be processing it as it should.

As we looked over my chart, I googled various food options (remember I love the idea that food is medicine) that would help me improve my results and noticed that most of the foods I already consume regularly.

But I have a sweet tooth and I know for a fact that I eat way too much sugar in my diet. I have a weakness for cookies and ice-cream and even fruit. If I had a choice between potato chips and a cake pop, the cake would win every time.

I called the clinic this morning and asked to be put on the cancellation list since my results are already back and in the meantime I will be more careful about the amount of sugar I consume.

As far as moving my body, I've been pretty darn consistent with that. Yesterday, I went and did Oula One which is a dance/yoga fusion class and today, I walked for 30 minutes at the gym and did some mat work.

All in all, I actually like exercise, so that's not a problem. 

It's been helping with my stress levels as well. Even though I have no way to check that aside from my own subjective assessment, I'd say I am feeling more on the calm side.

Except for when I am working on something and my kids come in and start needing me at the same time. I've noticed that's when I feel most stressed out.

I'm a work in progress and some days I feel how Dory must have felt- Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!


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