Unequal Labor on the Home Front


It's no secret that the struggle is real for working moms. The expectations placed on them by society, their families, and even themselves can be overwhelming. Not only do they have to balance a full-time job, but they are also responsible for taking care of their children, running a household, and often times handling their spouse's responsibilities as well. This can lead to extreme levels of stress, resentment, and detachment from their spouses. 

The problem with the “help” a husband may offer is that it often assumes that the job was primarily her responsibility, and that he is only offering assistance out of obligation. This puts an unfair burden on the wife, who is expected to take initiative and make all the decisions in the home. When a dad is willing to help, he often has to be asked what needs to be done; this gives the impression that he is incapable or unhelpful, when in reality he is more than capable and willing to take part in the family duties. 

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