Confessions of a Super-Mom: The Invisible Load


This past summer, I was on the verge of asking my husband for a divorce. There, I said it. Spoiler alert: We are now working on making our marriage stronger than ever and I'll share how later in this post.

Because my husband travels for work, I felt disconnected, alone, and at the end of my rope. He was quite literally a paycheck. To protect myself from being on an emotional rollercoaster every time he left, I detached altogether. We were no longer a team.

I felt like I was doing it all. 

Here I was, building a business where I was coaching moms about how to not do it all

and I was at a place where I couldn't figure out how to not do it all myself.

I was exhausted, really. I had been doing individual counseling for two years, working on various aspects of my life and the conversation always seemed to come back to my relationship with my husband.

A little back history- we've been married 23 years and it was a shotgun wedding. We had only known one another for a few months and...

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