Let's Crush Those Dang Excuses!

excuses self-care Mar 12, 2021
For the longest time, the excuse I gave for not practicing self-care was that I didn’t have the time. That’s what I told myself.
And it’s true. I really didn’t have the time to do anything for myself.
I was busy and on a mission to be everything for everyone else- the kids’ homeroom mom, a Girl Scout leader, on the board of a MOMS Club, and volunteering all over town.
When that wasn’t enough, I decided that I should be my kids’ teacher as well and pulled the kids out of school to homeschool them.
Even then, I continued to wear all my hats AND added more hats such as teaching at the local homeschool co-op we joined and hosting field trips as needed, which probably wasn’t needed as often as I had thought!
I made sure that I was too busy to do anything for myself. But the question I should have been asking myself was...why was I keeping myself so busy?
What was my bigger excuse?
Maybe I figured if I stopped doing “all the things” I wouldn’t be the awesome mom I really wanted to be and that everyone was expecting me to be.
Perhaps I thought that if I didn’t do it all and do it perfectly, then my kids (and my husband) would realize they didn’t really need me.
Or maybe I believed that doing it all was part of my job description and that I could be replaced if I didn’t do my job.
I wish I could look back and pinpoint exactly why I stayed so busy but it most likely was a combination of these that pushed me to the point of burnout, the point where I HAD to slow down.
I had to dig deeper to see what was keeping me so busy and then I had to do the work to challenge those excuses that I was making.
Nowadays, I’m not going to lie, it’s still a struggle. While I’m not volunteering all over town like I used to, I’m a work in progress.
Over the years, I learned how to slow down and create margin in my day and it has made ALL the difference.
This margin is what I call self-care. These are the times where I get to step into who I am without my mom hat and grow as a woman.
And as it turns out, my kids still love me. They may even love me more now! My husband is happier. My family is closer. And I can enjoy what I like...which, by the way, took a while to figure out what that was!
I’m telling you- self-care changes everything.
So now, tell us, what’s YOUR excuse for not practicing self-care?
If you are struggling with getting past the excuses, then here's a free guide for you... https://www.momswithoutcapes.com/sc-excuses

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