The Lies We Tell Ourselves as Moms

beliefs Feb 01, 2021
Here we are in the last week of January, a new year and I’m are you doing with those new year's resolutions?
What about the goals you made for 2021? Any action towards making them happen?
If so, awesome! Definitely give yourself credit for doing whatever you’ve done so far.
But if not, if you’ve been struggling to make it happen or to create the change you were so motivated to make at the beginning of the month, then what happened?
We are busy moms, I get that! I know your time is limited and I realize that things happen that we can’t predict which may get in the way of carrying out your goals.
But sometimes there’s an even bigger obstacle standing in your way and that’s your mindset.
These are the beliefs and the excuses that we tell ourselves about why we can’t do what we really want to do.
For me, some of those lies were:
that no one could do what I was doing,
that I had to sacrifice myself and who I was for my family,
that my family would suffer if I did something just for me,
and that I was a bad mom for wanting time by myself.
I had to identify what these beliefs were and then do the work to challenge them.
Year after year, I made my resolutions and then they went to the wayside because there I was, in my own way!
It wasn’t until I started looking at the deeper beliefs that I was able to make goals and stick to them.
And perhaps you are there as well, my friend.
It may be that you have to get out of your own way to make your goals happen.
Now tell me, what excuses are you saying right now that could be keeping you from making changes?

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