Permission to Be Unavailable

boundaries unicorn space Apr 13, 2023

As mothers, we understand the importance of taking time for ourselves. We know that in order to stay mentally healthy and experience positive growth, we must carve out time for ourselves away from the roles we play in our daily lives. However, too often we struggle with the what, how, and when of making this happen.

We are culturally conditioned to put ourselves last, rather than recognizing the value of our own time and carving out uninterrupted moments for creative self-expression. That's why it's so important to understand that our time is finite and should be guarded and respected. 

Eve Rodsky, author of “Fair Play” and “Find Your Unicorn Space,” captures our dilemma perfectly when she says, “You are complicit in your own oppression when you willingly put yourself and your time second or last.” 

So how do we make time for ourselves? Well, first of all, we should strive to create moments of “flow”. Flow is a mental state of freedom and sustained attention that allows us to think and hear our own thoughts in a world where we are constantly bombarded with distractions. When's the last time you experienced flow?

When we take the time to make ourselves a priority, we can fill our lives with meaningful moments of flow, allowing us to get back in touch with who we are outside of the roles we play. From relieving and breaking from pressure and stress, to cultivating social connections and experiencing positive growth, taking time for ourselves is key to creating a meaningful and fulfilled life

So why not make a commitment to set aside some time for yourself each day? Put your time first, and you will start to reap the rewards.

Let’s talk about it:

What would an uninterrupted day or even one hour look like if you gave yourself permission to be unavailable? Jump into the Moms Without Capes Facebook Group and let us know!


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