Self-Care is Personal

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2020
I was never athletic growing up. Well, I was on a bowling team in grade school. We actually won a trophy for having the highest handicap! And I was on the volleyball team but just remember standing with six girls, not moving much out of the place my coach told me to stand.
I did cheer-leading in high school only because it counted for a sport and it was either do a sport or gym class. When cheer-leading no longer fit my style, I did track—shot-put, not running! I just wasn’t much of an athlete!
Neither was I into meditation or yoga or any of the mindfulness activities that are advocated to find calmness or peace of mind. I just couldn’t see the value.
So, when I became a mom, I didn’t really know how to take care of myself. I mean, I read that exercise was important and lots of moms were getting into yoga, but what on earth can I do for self-care?
Even if I had the time to devote to myself, what would I do? I was 10 years into being a mom and that’s all I knew at that point.
It took some digging and some trial and error to figure out exactly what I enjoyed and to realize the possibilities extended past exercise and meditation.
I had to define what self-care was for me.
After a while, I learned that I actually did enjoy exercise, but that it wasn't in the way I had pictured it.
It didn’t mean I had to commit to going to the gym or spend thirty minutes in downward dog. But it also didn’t mean I had to sit down and have a cup of tea or soak in a bubble bath in order to take care of myself.
But I could. I mean, the possibilities were all there. I just had to identify which activities I wanted to indulge in, what things I could do to fill my bucket and to care for my needs.
Once I got past the idea that self-care wasn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, I was able to really do it and do it well.
In my video this week, I share with you some ideas that you can try to help you as figure out what self-care looks like for you.
Hint: It’s different for everyone!
#SelfCareIsPersonal  #MakeAPlan  #Unique

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