The Power of a Self-Care Plan

priorities Nov 24, 2020
It was about 20 years ago that I made the decision to quit my teaching job and become a stay-at-home mom. I was living down in Georgia, my husband was in the Army, and our oldest was 6 months old.
I remember like it was yesterday the dreaded feeling when I’d go off to work each day and leave my baby with the lady who lived next door to a friend. I was young and didn’t know anyone and not being around family, I was limited with childcare.
I was lucky in that the woman who watched Ariella lived across the street from my school, so I would go over at lunch and commute time from separating from her wasn’t much at all.
But still, it was rough for both Ariella and myself. So at the end of the school year, my husband and I decided that it would be best if I didn’t go back to the classroom the following year. Plus, he was heading overseas for a deployment and so the idea of going up north to stay with my parents made the most sense.
Later that year, I decided that since I was home and had the support of my parents, I would go to graduate school for my Masters in Counseling. Wouldn’t you know that Ariella took her first step while I was up in New York at a one week residency that was required for the program I was in and she was with my parents?!
Well, fast forward two years, I had to do an internship and I was working at a Domestic Violence Agency. The few hours I was working, I was able to hire my grandmother to watch Ariella and by then, our second daughter, Kaylah too.
I got hired following graduation and was able to work second shift and could actually bring my girls with me. I loved it because it allowed me to do what I love doing-helping women AND I had my daughters with me. After a year, policies changed (not due to anything I did!) and I was told I couldn’t bring my daughters to work with me.
Well, once again, I made the choice to quit my job and make my family my main focus. And for the next 7 years, that’s exactly what I did!
That is, until I found myself burnt out. I was overweight, overtaxed, and overstressed UNTIL I was over IT!
Things had to change and it had to begin with me, because hey, I was the common denominator and that’s when I started to discover the power of self-care. THIS is my why for doing what I do.
Self-care is powerful indeed and the benefits reach far past yourself. Past your family and your community. It’s in taking care of yourself that change happens!
In this week's video I am sharing with you the importance of having a plan when it comes to self-care. Through the years, I realized that without a plan, rarely does it happen. 
I also tell you about a cool opportunity that is coming up where I show you exactly how to create a self-care plan so that you too, can reap the benefits that comes with prioritizing yourself and filling your bucket.

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