Assessing and Aligning Your Priorities

priorities Oct 16, 2020
What do you value? When I ask you this question, what I mean is what do you find important?
I think I can guess that most of you here reading this post would say hands down, your family, am I right?
As moms, we hold our family near and dear to our hearts and want to do anything and everything we can to keep them intact and growing strong.
But what else? Your marriage? Your faith? Education? Health? Your appearance?
No matter what you deem as important, why is it that we end up spending much of our time doing things that don’t align with these things?
We know in our hearts what is important to us yet we struggle to pull ourselves away from Facebook or Netflix, running ragged around the town doing errands, attending events that we’d rather not, or spending hours working on a project that we volunteered for but is taking way longer than we anticipated.
These are not only time-suckers but also joy-suckers as they leave us very little time to focus on that which is most important to us.
The first step in deciding how you should spend your day is to identify what you value. Know that your values change through the years and what you value now as a mom has likely evolved through the years.
Make the time to write down the top five things you value, what you find to be most important in your life right now.
Then, reflect on how you spend your days.
When you compare your list to the way you spend your time, do they align or do you need to make some changes? What specific steps can you take to move towards prioritizing what’s important?
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