Stop Thinking Overwhelm is Normal!

boundaries overwhelm Dec 05, 2022

We all know the feeling of overwhelm—it's natural and it's inevitable. But that doesn't mean every day has to include feelings of overwhelm. So where does it come from? 

It often starts with our own expectations and perception—we expect ourselves to do too much, think we have to do all the things and take on too much responsibility, and struggle to accurately judge the amount of time we have available. All of these create an environment where our stress response is activated—which can look like yelling or lashing out at our kids, losing patience, unexplainable crying spells, angry tears that happen over small things, downing wine every night or binge-eating, zoning out on our phone as an escape, feeling stuck or trapped, and having difficulty concentrating or making decisions. 

But it doesn't have to be like this. We can make overwhelm not normal, and there are a few steps we can take to make sure our days don't end in a sea of overwhelm. Letting go of perfectionism is a great place to start—recognizing that it is simply not possible to do it all. Saying no more often is important too, as well as believing that we are worthy of relaxing, resting, and taking pleasure in our lives. 

It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of motherhood, and to feel that we have to do it all and do it perfectly. But if we take the time to recognize what is causing our feelings of overwhelm, and take the necessary steps to make sure our days don't end in a swirl of overwhelm, we can make sure that our days are filled with joy and not stress.

If you are feeling more overwhelmed than you want to be feeling, then let's talk! In the Super-Mom Detox Program, you will go from feeling stressed out & worn out from all your commitments and overbooked schedule to having strong boundaries and the freedom to pursue your own passions.

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