Favorite Time-Saving Hacks Revealed

making time Oct 23, 2020
Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing to have 25 hours in our day? What would you do with that extra hour? Sleep? Clean your house? Play with your kids? Learn a new language? Read a book? Oh my, the possibilities are endless!
Only in a dream-world, right? It seems that there’s never enough hours in a day to get everything done that we want to get done.
Truth is, we will never find extra time in our day. It’s just how the whole world spins. 24 hours is 24 hours. There’s no time to be found anywhere.
But what if I tell you, you can make time?
Yep--you’d think I was crazy, right? But this is exactly what I’ve been doing and really, it’s what you’ve been doing too. Your whole life.
You decide how you want to use your time and you make it what it is. You want to sleep longer, you set your alarm later and you make time for sleep.
You want to mop the kitchen floor? You make time for it! Want to jump on the trampoline with your kiddos? You make the time to do it.
See the pattern here?! You make time for what you want to do. If you leave it up to fate or to the way the world spins, you’ll never find the time to learn a new language. It’s just not going to happen. You know this. I know this.
You have to make the time to study, to practice, to learn.
So, my question for you is...what will you make time for this week?
In this week's video, I share with you some tried and true methods that moms have used, myself included to help save time so that you'll have it to do the things you love!

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