How to Overcome Mom-Brain When You're Pulled in Different Directions

8:11 am Kid 1: Hey mom, do you know where my sneakers are?
8:12 Kid 2: Mom, my laptop is about to die, can you get me the cord?
8:12 Kid 1: The dog pooped in the hallway again mom.
8:13 Kid 3: Ew, mom, I accidentally stepped in the dog poop!
8:14 Mmmmmoooommmm, my laptop just died. I need your help.
8:15 Kid 3 is spotted walking through the living room, not-so-mysterious tracks behind him.
8:15 Phone ringing...Hey hon, would you mind reviewing that report I emailed you last night? I need it by 8:30!
8:16 Kid 1: Look, mom, I found my sneakers but they got wet in the rain last night
8:16 The tears start flowing.
True Story. And unfortunately, this is not a rare event because some variation of the above happens more than I’d like to admit.
I am a cryer, let’s just get that out on the table. I’ve cried my fair share of tears over the year and really, sometimes it feels good to release the...
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Self-Care is Personal

I was never athletic growing up. Well, I was on a bowling team in grade school. We actually won a trophy for having the highest handicap! And I was on the volleyball team but just remember standing with six girls, not moving much out of the place my coach told me to stand.
I did cheer-leading in high school only because it counted for a sport and it was either do a sport or gym class. When cheer-leading no longer fit my style, I did track—shot-put, not running! I just wasn’t much of an athlete!
Neither was I into meditation or yoga or any of the mindfulness activities that are advocated to find calmness or peace of mind. I just couldn’t see the value.
So, when I became a mom, I didn’t really know how to take care of myself. I mean, I read that exercise was important and lots of moms were getting into yoga, but what on earth can I do for self-care?
Even if I had the time to devote to myself, what would I do? I was 10 years into...
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Self-Care is Anything But Selfish!

How many of you moms reading this blog post right now would leap in front of a speeding train if it meant that your child would be saved?
If it came between you and your child eating, how many of you would go without?
How about staying up all night to comfort your child when they are sick?
I’d put money on the bet that most of the women in this group would easily do all of the above. Am I right?
That’s because WE CARE!
We absolutely, hands down love our children and would do anything for them because we love them! It’s how love works, really!
We are willing to give our children all we have in order to make them feel our love.
But we are only one person and we only have so much time, energy, and patience. Our bucket can only hold so much.
I’ve heard women say that when you’re a mom, having “me-time” is selfish and I cringe. Why?
Well, one, I used to think this exact thought and...
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Overcome the Excuses to Self-Care


Self-care is something that I know many of us moms struggle with.

It’s hard to hang up our cape and not be the hero that we so want everyone to believe we are.

We’ve even convinced ourselves that the world will fall apart if we aren’t there.
If we don’t have dinner on the table.

If the floor isn’t mopped.

If we don’t get that last load of laundry out of the dryer.

As if all of these things we should be doing won’t continue to be on our to-do list tomorrow!
What would happen if you said, “ya know…I’m going to just head out and go for a walk. These dishes can wait until tomorrow” or
“Kids, mom will be back” (as long as they are legally able to be alone…you may have some cleaning to do upon your return) or
“Hon, I’ll be outside for a few minutes, chatting to an old friend. Hold down the fort, will you?”
As moms, we have accepted our own...
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Can't find time in your busy life for self-care?


Lots has been happening behind the scenes here. School started last week. For those of you new to my blog, let me catch you up on my family.

Our oldest is out of the house, second daughter is 16 but completed a program that allowed her to graduate. She’s enrolled in college classes. Twins are 14 (as of this past Friday), our 10 year old, and our youngest, who’s 6.
The youngest four are doing school remotely this year, in a new district since we are in transition of moving to a town 100 miles away.
Anyways, school started this past week. We are one week into it and I haven’t killed anyone yet!
Came close, but I came to my senses before any major damage was done.
Seriously, talk about stress! On top of that, I am helping my father-in-law develop and run an on-line course for his business (the one my husband works in too) and of course I’m continuing to see clients and grow my business.
Cra-cra! But through it all, I am fighting to...
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